Chris Adamek

Tattoo Artist

I am honored to have captured your interest. Please read this entire section carefully before emailing.

I absolutely love what I do. I love taking on new projects, pushing myself to try new ideas, and putting smiles on my clients' faces. It demands a lot of my time however, inside the shop and out. I always have lots of drawing homework, as well as my two children, loving girlfriend, and other hobbies and pursuits that all need my attention. I receive a large volume of requests, and I am unfortunately not able to respond to everyone. I sincerely apologize for this, but there is only so much time. I choose projects that inspire me personally; projects that I feel I'm best suited for, and for those requests I will respond as promptly as I am able to.

**I work primarily in black and gray. Portrait requests definitely catch my attention, and I rarely turn them away. I will accept some full-color tattoo requests, but I have decided to focus on what I feel is my natural strength in order to elevate my work to a higher level. I enjoy doing black and gray work the most, which ultimately means happier clients, which is my main goal in the end.

To get started, please email me by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. Send a brief, but detailed description of what you want to get tattooed. Include: approximate size, placement, whether you want it in color or black-and-gray, reference pictures, etc., along with your phone number. I will do my best to respond in a timely manner, however, due to my schedule, it may take a week or two, so please be patient!

Soon after, we'll set up a consultation appointment so we can meet in person and discuss your ideas in finer detail and book your tattoo appointment. The longest I will be booked out at any given time is 1-2 months. I keep it that way intentionally for two reasons: 1. So I am not locked in to a particular schedule for more than two months at a time, and 2. So clients don't have to wait too long to get in the book once a request is answered.

My rate for most things is $220/hr. I take a $500 cash deposit at the time of consultation.

I always look forward to working on exciting new projects, so send them on over!

Thank you so much


Sixth Element Studio

Lebanon, NJ